Retskrivningsordbogen Plus (RO+)

Progresso has produced the Retskrivningsordbogen Plus (RO+) for
the National Danish Language Council.  It is an extended digital version of the official Danish Orthography Dictionary.

The product is a modern online and offline web app exhibiting the official Danish orthography reform from Autumn 2012 (Retskrivningsordbogen 4th edition).

RO+ provides an intuitive user interface with fast
and advanced search (word categories plus pattern search with wildcards for consonants and vowels etc.).

No installation is required although the application is stored
locally on the user’s device (HTML5 technology).

Internet not required


No Internet connection is needed after the very first time you use RO+.  Just like an ordinary app.

Whenever there is a connection, any updates are downloaded automatically without disturbing the users.

The product is well supported across all modern platforms:  PC, Mac, Chromebook, Linux, iPhone, iPad, Android, Windows Phone, BlackBerry 10 etc.  On Windows the older Internet Explorer 7, 8 and 9 are supported too.

Through responsive design the application dynamically adapts to any screen size including rotation between landscape and portrait modes.

See screen samples.

The product’s entry page (in Danish only)

About ‘Retskrivningsordbogen’ on the National Danish Language Council’s pages (in Danish only)