Progresso wishes to produce the best software solutions in Denmark.

Agile Alliance

More importantly, we want satisfied customers and users.  For that purpose we have used Agile Project Management during several years.  That’s how we avoid getting stuck in our own world thus developing software that doesn’t correspond to needs and requirements.

By focusing on good communication, planning that allows for flexibility, frequent testing of software and using simple and efficient methods, we can maintain a high level of quality at a favourable price.

Progresso emphasises creativity and welcomes innovative solutions that are founded on standards for documents, software and platforms etc.  This ensures that our software can interact with software from other companies – also in the future.

Experience and methodology give good results:

We have not previously received a first prototype that we couldn’t crash.

Said by the publisher Alinea about a CD-ROM release produced by Progresso.  Alinea has released many software products and has more than one third of the Danish market for school books.