The official Danish orthography dictionary

  • Advanced search
  • PC, smartphone, tablet
  • Online and offline
    – without installation

Progressive Web App (PWA).

The dictionary from the
National Danish Language Council.

State-of-the-art responsive design
for all screen sizes with a cached
HTML5 database in the client browser.

For Windows, Mac, iPhone, iPad,
Android, Windows Phone etc.

Anonymisation of texts

  • Increased capacity
  • Increased quality
  • Trivial work avoided

Schultz Information performs
many anonymisations for
the Danish courts.

This time consuming task
previously occupied several

Now a single employee handles it all
through a software solution that
automatically performs most of the work.

Lexicons on the web

  • Very fast search
  • Minimal server load
  • Any server can be used
    – even an ordinary web hotel

The load is moved from the server
to the users’ computers.

The users experience very fast
response times.

A simple server can handle a huge
number of simultaneous users.

Online editing

  • Automated log / change history
  • User management: roles & rights
  • Verification of cross references

Denmark’s Library School frequently
updates the Information Dictionary,
and the editors work at different
locations in Denmark.

Everything is performed online
incl. automatic verification of
cross references.

Quality software on time