Alinea, publisher in the Egmont group

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Centre for Language Technology

  • Application to extract terminology data in XML format according to the OLIF standard
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National Danish Language Council
Danish:  Dansk Sprognævn

  • 2014-2021:  4th to 12th digital revision of Retskrivningsordbogen, 4th edition. Yearly proofreading and data update.
  • 2014:  Creation of more than 400,000 full forms (inflections etc.) extracted or extrapolated from Retskrivningsordbogen, 4th edition and annotated with approx. 2 million grammatical features
  • 2013:  Retskrivningsordbogen Plus dictionary with advanced search for Windows, Mac, Linux, iPad, iPhone, Android tablets/smartphones and Windows Phone (modern Progressive Web App with offline functionality and responsive design)
  • 2012:  Retskrivningsordbogen, 4th edition (data processing, proofreading, dictionary API for web access)
  • 2006:  2nd revision of Retskrivningsordbogen, 3rd edition on CD-ROM (version 2) with changed rules for commas
  • 2002:  Retskrivningsordbogen on the Net, version 1.1
  • 2001:  Retskrivningsordbogen, 3rd edition on CD-ROM with innovative search technology – see press
  • 2001:  Data processing for the printed dictionary, 3rd edition
  • 1999:  Retskrivningsordbogen on the Net, version 1.0
  • 1997:  Ordsamlingsdatabasen (registration of Danish words and linguistic phenomena since 1955)


  • Various consultancy (database design, web systems)
  • Advanced ontology database (Oracle RDBMS and PL/SQL with Oracle Forms user interface)
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Royal School of Library and Information Science

  • Informationsordbogen on web, version 1.0, 2.0 and 2.1.
    An online dictionary with search and presentation pages for standard users and editors.
    The editors perform all editing on web with a complete set of online tools for dictionary editing (user management, automatic log book, automatic verification of cross references, synonyms, foreign terms, graphics etc.).
Royal School of Library and Information Science

Department for Computational Linguistics, CBS
Danish:  Institut for Datalingvistik

  • E-learning, larger Java application Visual Interactive Analysis, grammar training in 8 languages for high schools and universities
  • Construction of Linux park with approx. 100 machines
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Department of International Business Communication, CBS

  • Creating a key module for the DanTermBank project:  Automatic identification of inter-term relationships.  This involves automatic extraction of knowledge (concepts) from real-world texts on the web.
    • Progresso’s work was concentrating on automatic identification of relations and relation types between all automatically identified terms (concepts) in a collection of texts.
    The project is related to the DANTERMcentre.
  • Technical software support for applications (Windows and Linux)
  • System administration (Linux servers)
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University of Copenhagen

  • Technical software consultancy
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Schultz Information

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  • Apart from the above, Progresso has produced many other software solutions, graphic layouts, reports, user manuals, translations etc.  Furthermore, Progresso provides continuous support to customers.